The Human Element DVD Training Resource

Human behaviour lies at the centre of both the profits and the losses of the maritime industry – and it is crucial that everyone involved in shipping has an understanding of this reality. This training resource aims to improve this understanding.

The Human Element has been developed from the award-winning book by the MCA. This is not merely the ‘film of the book’; with the assistance of the original authors – Dik Gregory and Paul Shanahan of gs partnership Ltd – the film takes the concepts of the book and presents them in a more concise manner, making them easier to digest and put to practical use.

The film is aimed at creating greater operational mindfulness, thereby allowing safety, rather than danger, to emerge from human behaviour.

The drama follows a fictional (but typical) incident, loosely based on an actual event, in which several characters play an unwitting part in the grounding of their vessel.

KVH Media Group firmly believe that The Human Element will occupy a unique place in maritime safety training, building on the work of GS Partnership, the MCA and supported by BP Shipping, Teekay Marine Services and the Standard P&I Club.

Read more about the film here …

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